Mongolian fibres®

Mongolian mountain


Cashmere is one of the softest, warmest and longest lasting material. The highest quality cashmere comes from goats in Mongolia where, because the goats live through harsh winters, they have to have a very full layer of super fine hair (the undercoat) to survive. With a thread diameter of just 13.0-16.5 microns, its fine texture makes it much softer than other wools and one of the most luxurious natural fabrics. Also cashmere is said to be eight times warmer than sheep’s wool.


Yak Down

We source premium quality Khangai yak down fibres directly from herder families across Mongolia. The animals are hand-combed for their precious wool once yearly when they shed their winter coats, producing fine fibres that are 18-19.5 microns, 33mm in length. Yaks, which live in mountainous areas with altitudes as high as 3,000m, are able to survive extreme temperatures (ranging from +/-40° C). Their special fibres are uniquely robust, as soft as cashmere, 10-15°C warmer than merino wool, highly breathable, odour-resistant, durable, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and resistant to pilling.

Camel Wool

Our camel wool is collected from the Bactrian camel, which lives in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. The finest and best quality camel wool is obtained from the Bactrian yearlings and has a thread diameter of 16-18 microns. Because of the beauty of its colour, products that are made of camel wool are usually left in their natural shade. The fabric is extremely warm, lightweight and smooth.


Sheep Wool

There are many breeds of sheep in Mongolia, but we prefer to work with the wool of the Khangai, which is especially suitable for textiles and knitwear. It is incredibly soft to the touch and has properties very similar to merino wool. The thinnest Khangai sheep wool thread diameter is 18-20.5 microns.